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Victoria Secret Fanny Pack Glitter

This fanny pack is filled with Glitter and all that she loves comes in a single, basic to wear, package, this piece is dandy for any occasion and will add a touch of sparkle to your style.

Victoria Secret Fanny Pack

This fanny pack from victorias Secret is a splendid alternative to show your victoria's Secret fashion sense, with its pinking detail and glittery finish, it's a detail you'll appreciate to see. The pack includes a belt and a rear bag, making it a top alternative to take your look to the next level, this fanny pack peerless for the Glitter lover in your life! It is a bright, belt bag with a royal blue glint to it. It presents a sturdy design and is making a top-grade addition to your fashionista pile! This! This is the perfect! Perfect! Pack! For you! Perfect! For any! Occasion! You! Want to! Show your! Love! To! Everyone! The Victoria Secret pink Glitter fanny pack includes a fanny pack, with a pink rainbow logo and silver Glitter in a black lakers jersey number 7, it's a best-in-class substitute to show off your favorite player's personality and help partaking in that all-important opening day party planning! This pink Glitter fanny pack contains a few glittery areas with iridescent material that stellar makes use of throughout the series. It provides a bit of a bulk to it, but it's definitely not heavy, the fanny pack is packed with plenty glamour and panache. It's an enticing surrogate for a day out with friends or a longer lay-by.